12 Things Your Eyes Can Tell About Your Health

You may be surprised to discover that annual eye checks are an easy and effective way to preserve your eyes and your overall health. A routine eye exam can help detect signs of serious diseases such as diabetes, brain tumors, and high cholesterol.

Because symptoms of health problems often only appear once the damage has already appeared, eye exams are a great way to track what’s going on in your body. Your eyes are the only place in your body that allows you to clearly see your blood vessels, arteries and cranial nerve that can tell your doctor a lot about your general health.

1-You could have an infection.

What Your Eyes Say About Your Health
What can your eyes reveal about your health?

Do you wear contact lenses instead of glasses? Look for white spots on your cornea (this clear layer on the front of your eyeball). This is “quite common in people who wear contact lenses,”, and it can be a sign of a corneal infection.

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