6 things women must learn from men

There is no doubt that men and women are two sides of the same coin because they complement each other perfectly. But the two sexes are singularly different. However, there must be one or two things that one can learn from the other.

To advance the battle of the sexes, we allowed men to share things that women could learn from them to make life a little more interesting… And what else? I brought a few ladies too to share their opinions..

1. Logic Lessons

“Don’t hate me for pointing it out to you, but life becomes much easier when women understand that there is a logic behind everything in life. Men follow their innate logic when making decisions, while women are absolutely unaware of the very existence of logic. And that makes it really difficult for men to deal with women,” says TV actor Mihir Mishra.

Gal-talk: “Women have an innate sense of justice that they learn in life. We are often influenced, but at the same time we have a “tempo logic” that we learn along the way. This usually makes us “smart on the street,” but unfortunately, men don’t care and end up calling us “logically illiterate,” says star Manini De.

2. Emotions can take a backseat at times

TV actor Varun Badola, who is usually blamed for his lack of emotions, says: “Women need to learn that not every situation requires great emotional upheaval. Holding back emotions when they are not necessary does not make the female sex hard and indifferent, but naturally a little rational and practical.”

Gal-talk: TV actress Rajeshwari Sachdev raises the flag of emotion by saying: “When women use emotions, they put their brains behind each of their emotions to make sure they don’t hurt people by expressing their thoughts. I think emotions give meaning to life.”

3. Everything doesn’t call for intensity

Women call it showing that they care about themselves, while men call it being open. “Missing breakfast is not as bad as what women do with it by reminding us a hundred times that we missed it. Women usually get fired up for the smallest things and situations. When they learn to relax from men, they can enjoy life like never before,” says star Rohit Roy.

Gal-talk: After Baliye star Tina Kuwajerwala says: “One of the partners has to surpass themselves to make the other feel wanted in the relationship. It is a woman’s intensity that allows her to add depth and compassion to any relationship in her life. Otherwise, a woman’s home would be as cold as the street where no one cares about the other.”

4. Gossip, only when needed

Although it is official for even men to chat, actor Rahul Dev wants women to learn the art of keeping an eye on men’s chat sessions. “I’m not asking women to stop gossip. I don’t want to say that men don’t gossip, but I want women to teach men to commit a controlled crime. Not all situations are conducive to gossip and complaints,” Says Dev.

Gal-Talk: Pratibha Gupta, a Delhi-based marketing professional, is in the mood to denigrate men: “Chatting or not chatting is an absolute individual choice. Yet women have always been accused of being gossips. But today, the roles are reversed and you can’t miss those still sessions at the coffee counter, reserved for men. We are always better than men because we are not ashamed of an act we like to indulge in!”

5. Sense of humour

We thought that only women wanted men with a great sense of humor! But Mahesh Srikanta, a Mumbai-based sports producer, says: “Women absolutely have to teach men to laugh at life. Compared to men, women lack a sense of humor and therefore joie de vivre.”

Gala conversation: “Have you ever heard a man laughing out loud, while women do it with ease. If you invite yourself to a women’s sleepover, you’ll know. But if they accuse us of being ‘bad at humor’ because we can’t stand jokes aimed at our spouses and children, then I think men need to learn one or two lessons from women,” says Madhurima Goswami, a Delhi-based teacher.

6. To taste reality

Blaming women for living in their own dream world most of the time. Kunal Soni, a technology enthusiast from Delhi, wants women to be more practical in life. “I think women tend to be imaginative about almost everything that happens in life, whether it’s a relationship or a marriage. They should teach men to think about life in a practical way and to accept that things cannot always conform to their dreams.”

Krishanu Bhattacharjee, head of corporate communications in Mumbai, agrees: “I really want women to accept situations realistically. We are tired of manipulating the truth just to make it softer to their ears. For example, a question such as “Does this dress make me fat?” is a Herculean task for a man who wants to keep the peace in a relationship. If women can learn to accept the truth as men do, life becomes more relaxed.”

Gal-Talk: “I blame the genes that women have. They like to be flattered, is it too difficult for men to understand this? There is a way to get things across. The art of deception is a trait that men should learn from women,” says Manini.