8 Factors – What Ears Can Tell You About Your Health?

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What Causes Ear Bleeding?

In case you notice blood attacks when you clean your ears, this may show that your eardrum is punctured. In this situation, your ears can be influenced by impurities that can lead to otitis and consequently to the deterioration of your hearing. This is the reason why it deserves to visit a specialist.

Ear Crease

The appearance of our outer ear can offer a wealth of knowledge when it comes to our heart health. A diagonal earlobe crease has been considered a potential indicator of coronary heart disease. A 1989 study published in the British Heart Journal found in more than 300 bodies that diagonal folds were associated with cardiovascular causes of death in men and women after controlling for age, height and diabetes. Although researchers are still uncertain how these two are linked, they suggest that visible changes seen in tiny blood vessels of the ear may mimic similar changes in blood vessels not seen around the heart.

Dry earwax

The simplest clarification for ear wax dryness is the absence of slender fats in your body.
Apart from that, the explanation could be dermatitis and other skin diseases that can make your skin dry.
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What the Color of Your Earwax Says About Your Health?

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