Top 10 Best and Most Beautiful Islands In The World

9- Capri, Italy

image of Capri in Italy

Capri is an island located near the coast of Naples in Italy, the first image you will have of it is the cosy part of Mariana Grande at the foot of a steep mountain, bathed by the enchanting waters of the Mediterranean, from there it is possible to take a funicular to the city of capri located in the upper area of the island, the old town is quite relaxing and a small square called la piazza de stands, out where you can take beautiful pictures of the island, and even see the coast of Naples, other interesting places are the Church of San Stefano the Santa Sofia Church, and the Barbarossa Corsair castle, if you like history, you should not miss visiting villa jives ,where the emperor Tiberius spent the last 11 years of his life, however all these architectural wonders are nothing compared to the natural monuments offered by the island especially the Blue Grotto which is a partially submerged cave which can be accessed by boats below the surface, there is a tunnel through which the sunlight enters it gives the water an amazing blue color the definition of a natural wonder.


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