Top 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa you must visit

today, we shall be talking about 10 UNESCO world heritage sites in Africa, with golden sand dunes thundering falls and the world’s latest population of giant choices, Africa’s world heritage site encompassed staggering beauty and diversity. according to the united nations education scientific and culture organization, UNESCO world heritage sites belong to all peoples of the world, irrespective of the territory on which they are located, from China or South Africa to France or Brazil, world heritage sites remind us all of the brilliance of our natural world, and the ingenuity of ancestors all over the world there are hundreds of UNESCO world heritage sites these are so crucial to our society that they are protected for future generations, to enjoy Africa has more than 100 heritage sites that feature some of the world’s most fascinating and breathtaking places to visit, some are famous like the great pyramid of Egypt while others are far less visited but just as spectacular.


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