Top ideas – 7 Traits in Women that Men find Attractive !!

Women have a few physical features that most guys would find surprising. Surely men pay attention to the appearance of women, but there is something else that men find attractive.

We may unconsciously feel that the person is attractive. In some cases, we would not be able to explain what attracts us.

  1. high – pitched voices

Low-pitched women do not sound as feminine as those ladies whose voices have a higher pitch. This is very easy to explain. In fact, high-pitched girls are usually associated with a high level of energy and youth. Low-pitched voices sound too masculine and guys don’t like them. That’s why women prefer men whose voices are deep, as it is associated with a strong and mature male.

2. Smiling

Smiling is another attractive physical feature that men like as you probably know because they love to tell women to smile (and it’s never appropriate). Studies show that women who smile more often are seen as more attractive to the opposite sex. It has also been reported that many men view smiling as “submissive, weak, and vulnerable.” So, feel free to decline if you are asked to smile – after all, it’s sexist and never necessary. Of course, it’s also okay to smile, and if you want to enhance that, here are 10 teeth whitening tips for a Hollywood smile.

3. Less makeup

Don’t let any of the makeup gurus know this tip, as it may make them sad. We are joking now, of course. However, the truth is that women who use less makeup look younger than most men. If you are all covered in different makeup products and this is visible, then you will never be considered a stylish and beautiful girl. Use fewer makeup products if you want to attract guys.

4. Symmetry

We love symmetry in architecture and other spheres of daily life. This is also an unconscious preference we give to objects. Girls whose faces are symmetrical look more attractive to men. They think that symmetry is a healthy feature, which means that such women can give birth to healthy babies.

5.Huge eyes

Congratulations if you have big eyes. It is reported that most men subconsciously feel that women whose eyes are large are more fertile, productive and healthy. This physical characteristic is also associated with longevity. Girls with higher estrogen levels tend to have large eyes.

6. Bright and white teeth

The reason behind why white teeth is attractive, is simple. A Perfect teeth that are straight and white are good signs of health and genetic quality that can help you choose a mate. These people were then asked what they found most attractive.

7. Average looks

Don’t worry if you are an average looking woman. On the contrary, you are so lucky that you look average as this is what most men want and need. Extremely beautiful woman and unusually beautiful girls look too demanding for most guys and they think it will take too much time, money and effort to conquer a supermodel. Average looks is a great thing and shows that your genes are diverse.