Where Can I Travel Right Now ?? Top 10 Destinations!!

The leaves are turning and there is an unmistakable chill noticeable all around. Truly, harvest time has arrived and our unending heatwave is nevertheless ancient history. September, ready for fresh starts, is the ideal opportunity to run away to hotter, more intriguing climes. Our musings are going to the blossoming blue-violet jacaranda trees of South America, the spiced sands of Zanzibar, the reasonable cobalt waters of the Balkans, and fascinating palm bordered tidal ponds. Here is our choice of the best escapes for September and the past…


Balmy Barcelona still basks in warmth in September with daytime temperatures averaging around 25 oC during the day and a pleasant 19 oC at night. With the local Spanish back in town and the atmosphere of the fiesta sweeping across the city, it is time to put on your dancing shoes and join them. Catalonia’s national holiday is on September 11th, when the city celebrates with parades, concerts, and fireworks. Don’t miss the Fiestas de la Merca, a week-long festival with hundreds of musicians and carnival, performances and gigs, planned and spontaneous, all over the city. Did someone say fiesta?

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